Annual PRO services in the UAE

Several foreign investors find it challenging to get the right paperwork and documentation done while setting up a business in Dubai. Although the government has made the process easier online, lack of knowledge and confusion among entrepreneurs make it difficult to handle an array of legalities.

Not just that setting up a business in Dubai requires assistance but documents clearance along with government approvals are also a critical aspect while setting up a new business or even for established ones. It is because of the increasing number of expats in the country that the laws have to be stringent enough. This is how UAE ensures the foreign investors the safety of their investment and all aspects of viability.

Many constitutional as well as personal documents are liable to official certification, judicial legalization, ministry approval, acknowledgement from the embassy or other sanctions from the governmental and semi-governmental organizations.

PRO services to start a business

A Government Liaison service or a Public Relations Officer or PRO services are needed to get the documentation clearance in the UAE. Clearance from the legislative departments is a must which includes employment visa processing, labor card, immigration card, investor visa, spouse or family visa and renewal of all these documents whenever required.

The common responsibilities of a PRO include:

  • Arranging visit visa and extensions
  • Registration of a new trade license and renewal
  • Attestation of documents
  • Processing of documents from different Municipalities and Ministries

Why do companies require PRO services on annual basis?

  • Employers need to provide residence visas to their employees for which PRO services are hired. They cater all the visa related obligations on regular basis.
  • Emirates ID is the ID proof of every resident in the UAE. It contains personal as well as professional knowledge about the individual commonly processed with the PRO service provider of the company.
  • Labor contract is yet another essential contract between the employer and the employee. A PRO usually helps in drafting and processing the labor contract, making things convenient for you as an employer.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop destination for all your governmental needs, legal issues and any type of document clearance, contact the best PRO services in UAE here.

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