Concrete Modular Buildings

Concrete modular buildings, also known as pre-cast or pre-fabricated concrete buildings, are the amelioration to steel modular buildings. Concrete which is considered to be a tougher and less elastic material than steel is less resistant to expansion and contraction due to weather conditions. People choose concrete over steel in modular building designs as concrete can be made to look more appealing and can be given many more creative designs than steel.

Companies manufacturing concrete modular buildings, design them by properly scrutinizing the site and examining the floor plan of the building. Each module is designed in a factory which consists of initial placing of a railing on which a steel grid is set. In this a concrete foundation is poured, and then the railings are removed. The next step includes erecting the walls with apertures for doors, windows, ventilation, etc. Lastly, the roof is laid down. The unit is completed by giving it a desired coat of paint and allocating other fixtures. Such units are independently made at the factory, also known as pre-cast concrete, which are transported by trucks to the site and assembled there. With the use of cement and mortar, single units can be joined together.

Pre-cast concrete is a base material for conventional construction which makes the concrete look no different from traditional buildings. Thus, concrete modular units are popular choices for adding to older buildings.

Precast concrete structures offer higher resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects and mold. No other building material provides such resistance to rain, wind damage, earthquakes, termites and decay that results in lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Pre-cast concrete buildings are much cheaper than conventional buildings causing a reduction of about 30 to 40 percent in the total building costs.

Mammut industries, under the supervision and innovative approach of Behzad Daniel Ferdows, is highly reputed in manufacturing pre-cast concrete and pre-engineered steel manufacturing and infrastructure development in the Middle east.

Behzad Ferdows is the chairperson of Mammut industries announced the largest construction plant to be established in UAE back in the 2000’s and is currently leading the same.

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