Is IELTS an important requirement for Canada?

If you need to transfer to Canada, language testing remains one of the critical criteria. Applicants get high marks for their professional experience, profession, and even age for whatever reason. But they are unable to obtain a high IELTS ranking. This article would explain the periodic uncertainty as to whether or not you should apply for immigration from Canada without IELTS.

If it is a visit visa or low-skilled work visa, you can only apply for Canadian immigration without IELTS (such as a caregiver). In such cases, the candidates must be in English with a prior experience of contact. Try approaching an immigration consultant at your place for best information and guidance.

With more than 80 economic immigration services in Canada, the success of most applications relies, to a large degree, on the ability to engage in English.

It would go a long way to show to the visa officer that you will connect during your stay with relatives, neighbors, and employers.

And this is because, in Canada, English and French remain the dominant languages. Four sections compose of the test: listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

With a low IELTS score work when moving to Canada?

At times, having CLB-7 and above can be difficult, particularly if you are a non-native English speaker. There are already services that pick candidates with a low IELTS score. Do not lose faith.

With a low IELTS score, you can move to Canada using the Regional Candidate Systems. The majority of provinces select and appoint eligible applicants with scores as low as CLB-4 from the Federal Express Entry pool.

So, hope is there!

The Saskatchewan occupation-in-demand stream is among those PNP systems. You have to have a current profile in the Federal pool to apply, and your expertise set should be required by the province.

What is Forward the Way?

Now that you know that moving to Canada without IELTS is almost difficult, we will advise you to collect the requisite tools and plan adequately. And in situations where the high-test scores are not reached, consider exploring PNP systems.

Preparing for the test could take a longer time, particularly if your previous degree was not taught in English. But it is not appropriate for you to put yourself under unnecessary pressure. If you’re seeking answer to ‘how to apply for US visa in Qatar?’ or any other country like Canada, Australia, European union and more, get in touch here.

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