Tips for managing anxiety

Anxiety is emotional disorders and is a commonly prevailed mental illness that usually goes unnoticed. It is variant on its intensity if it is moderate then it is a normal emotion. The emotions that your brain lets out against stress alert a person of coming potential. Almost everyone gets anxious one day or the other. It can happen before exams or a meeting but when these emotions are too strong then it is considered as mental disorders. These strong emotions leave a person with long episodes of anxiety and fear. Constant lengthy episodes of stress can lead to overlooking your work, school, family, and another social gathering. 

However, if you follow proper precautions and get treatment of the best psychiatrist in Dubai, then you can manage the anxiety disorder. Following are some of the useful tips for managing anxiety:

  • Whenever you feel anxious try to calm yourself. You can relax while doing yoga, listen to music, meditate, or get a massage.
  • Take a break from the problems and clear your mind.
  • Try to maintain your diet, and try to take in healthy, energy-boosting foods.
  • Stop or limit the consumption of caffeine which can trigger panic attacks.
  • Stop drinking Alcohol.
  • Get yourself a proper sleep routine, it can lessen your stress.
  • Take extra rest. Since your emotions are overwhelming, you need a little bit more care of yourself.
  • To feel better and maintain your health, do exercise.
  • A quick way to calm yourselves is to take deep breaths; inhale and exhale for 10 to 20 seconds and, repeat a few times.
  • Take it easy on yourself, instead of burdening yourself with loads of work, try to set small goals and avail it by making yourself proud of whatever you get.
  • Try to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Try to do something creative and make productive use of time.  
  • Try getting yourself involved in some volunteering work or you can find another way to be active in your community as this will make your feel connected with your community and it gives you a break from everyday stress.
  • Make a proper record of your anxiety and note down the factors that trigger it.
  • Get yourself someone to talk to, friends, a family member, or a physician/therapist for professional help. You can also consult someone for mental health in the UAE.
  • Don’t do over-thinking and think whether your stress as bad as you think or not.
  • Understand that you cannot control everything, o stop blaming yourself.
  • Try to cheer up your mood by appreciating a good laugh and make efforts to keep your mood light.

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