Uses of Holograms

Technology never fails to impress us. Yet again, an amazing technology that almost brings our superhero fantasies and magic into reality is 3-D projection known as hologram technology. This real-looking projection needs a few special types of equipment such as cameras or glasses.

The surprise is that the image or object that it creates is 3 dimensional and while you walk around it, it feels real. You can see the side from the respective angle therefore, this interesting technology has been acclaimed. Not just this projection can be used to display an image which is any still object or a moving (dynamic) or animated project. 

Hologram technologies are being acclaimed from all around the world such as Artificial Intelligence in Abu Dhabi and hologram suppliers in Dubai and its interactive models will also be a center of attention in the coming years.

But why is that? The technology is grabbing this much attraction is because of the various purposes it can fulfill:

  • Healthcare System: Hologram technology holds various benefits for the healthcare system. With the help of modern imaging which includes, MRI and CAT scan the date can be easily translated into digital information. Medical hologram technology also permits a complete 3D projection of a patient’s internal organs and body parts. This helps the medical staff in accurately diagnosing diseases and injuries.
  • Security: Holograms are also efficiently used in security. Many banking activities make good use of holograms such as in Banknotes, and credit cards. It makes an attempt of forgery much more difficult. The security with the help of holograms comprises features that will make illegal replication almost impossible.
  • Fun & Entertainment: The holograms are well known in the world of game and entertainment. The gamers can live their science fiction dream with the help of this technology. It allows a multiplayer game in testing. Many game makers also use this technology into the new generation of mobile phone displays, which will allow portable 3D gaming.
    Moreover, outside the gaming zones, it’s most recent application is witnessed in concerts. Holograms has been used to project of past singers to perform once again, and also join the new artists live on stage. These can also be helpful in transmitting a performance to appear before the audience.
  • Education: Last but not least, the most important use of hologram technology is in the betterment of education. It helps in engaging students in interesting digital lessons used in schools. With the help of digital and real-world information, a mixed reality is created. It helps student in understanding the complex topic with the help of 3D model of the subject.

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