Career in Firefighting

Without our Police Service, Fire Service, Army and all Public Sectors no country would be able to function properly. We can’t imagine the world without these life savers around. It is a frightening thought visualizing a place in turmoil with no control or boundaries, with no rescue system and no protection.

As long as there are people walking on this earth, there will be a dire need for firefighters too. It is a career that will perch the test of time. It is the people that walk into the station on daily basis and keep this job alive. It is the passion of the men and women who endanger their lives on the line and ensure a future for this industry.

Technology is taking over the world at present, replacing people for computers in almost all sectors and organizations. It is an alarming situation for the workforce and instills a fear that we can so easily be replaced by robots, ultimately!

With firefighting, although technology cannot replace the work they do, it can make the job better. Nothing can substitute the power of human senses when entering a burning building; the feel for heat, the smell of smoke, the sight of flame or the cry for help. We count so much on what we see, feel, smell, and hear that it is near impossible to replicate in mechanics.

Firefighting is rated as one of the most prestigious careers in countries like the U.S. and the popularity of firefighting as a career has risen. It does not require a strict educational certification that most other highly ranked careers do. With firefighting, they not only take your education into consideration but allow for your personality, capability, physical and emotional strength to assess you. The minimum in education they look for is a High School Diploma. There are courses out there like 2 & 4 year programs available in Fire Safety, Fire Science, etc. to improve your educational status but not a necessity. 

This makes firefighting job all the more accessible to those who genuinely own the passion, have the natural capabilities to deal with and work in emergency situations. This is a profession for the people that ironically protects and saves the people!

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