Information about the causes of male infertility

Information about the causes of male infertility

A man who is infertile can never get a woman pregnant. A few of the most immediate medical reasons for male infertility are inclusive of lack of sperm in the semen, erectile dysfunction, cystic fibrosis, ejaculation issues and testicle injuries. For all of these conditions, seeking male infertility treatment is extremely important. A few other primary reasons behind male infertility are:


Irrespective of whether they are sexually transmitted or not, there are a number of infections that can trigger temporary infertility in men. In most cases these infections are sexually transmitted and include conditions like HIV, gonorrhea etc. There are certain infections that tend to interfere with the production of normal sperm, while there are those too that interfere with the sperm health. Some infections even lead to inflammation in the testicles during intercourse.

Ejaculation issues

In cases where the semen begins to enter the bladder instead of getting ejaculated out of the penis, then the condition is typically diagnosed as retrograde ejaculation. The condition has to be treated by chemical, natural or even ayurvedic means. This condition is typically caused by spinal injuries, surgery in the bladder, prostate or urethra and even diabetes.

Utilization of certain medications

Long term treatment of certain chronic diseases can also lead to male infertility. These are inclusive of cancer treatment, anabolic steroid use, antifungal medication and certain treatment drugs for ulcers can also lead to male infertility by decreasing the sperm count significantly.


This disease is characterized by a severe swelling that takes place in the veins that are responsible for draining the testicles. Considering that sperm is produced in the testicles, any issue that occurs in this organ can lead to male infertility. The obstruction that is caused due to the swelling of the veins when a person suffers from varicocele is responsible of obstructing the production of normal sperm count. Immediate medical treatment has to be sought in this case. Treatment is delivered by increasing the sperm count and through assisted reproductive techniques such as vitro fertilization.

Apart from all of these different causes of male infertility even factors like depression or emotional stress can hamper the production of healthy sperm, thereby deeming it impossible for the woman to get pregnant. Men who smoke or are addicted to alcohol may also suffer from a decrease in healthy sperm count. Click here for more information in this regard.

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