How to deal with different lighting situations without flash

How to deal with different lighting situations without flash

Light does not only brighten up our lives but it also makes sure that we are able to sustain in this fast running world. Light is the major aspect of photography and photography is a major aspect of any event which turns out to be best and perfect when the audio and visual companies in Dubai help with making both is appealing. The circle goes back to lighting being perfect and this is why here is how to deal with some troubling situations where flash can be too harsh to deal with:

  • Night life

Night is a major part of the day and there are so many mysteries that lurk behind the dark blanket of night. Night life is so calm and quite yet the chaos is mostly found in there. Capturing that chaos can be very troublesome especially when the street light does very few favours. With the advancing technology it has become easier to rely on ISO without making the use of flash. All you have to know is which level of ISO will be needed and necessary for the particular scenario which you are trying to capture forever and you will be good to go.

  • Understanding the components of a 5 in 1 reflector disc

Dealing with harsh sunlight on the peak hours of the day is probably the hardest task a photographer needs to manage with. But shooting in such hours is also very essential so how does one manage with it? This is where a 5 in 1 reflector disc comes in handy, but its function is a bit complicated to understand. Here is what they consist:

  1. White section of the reflector is to manage the soft light which reflects back in the perfect manner.
  2. Silver surface helps the light to be directed in a particular direction instead of scattering away.
  3. Golden section is slightly warmer tones over a sliver surface to help get rid of the harsh tones.
  4. Black section is used for the obvious reasons of blocking off the unwanted light or dimming it out.
  5. Translucent part is for making sure that the light is diffused properly just like a soft box when flash is used.

Lighting companies in Dubai can also help you with determining the perfect light for the perfect occasion. Hence, make sure that you get in touch with a trusted lighting company right away.

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