The different kinds of blogs

There are many people who will get ranked by using the tactics of local SEO Dubai and they will get to start earning in the 6 to 7 months of starting their blog. People will see their success only and they will not see the struggle and effort behind that success. If you see someone earning good by writing only one article a day or on alternative days then it does not means that they are just lucky, but that have done great effort and now they are getting the fruit of their previous efforts. You can also get the information about all this on the search engine marketing course or you can get the information about different kinds of blogs here:

Article: Blogs are of different varieties and you can choose any of these and start working on it with passion and you will get the best results after that. One of the blog types is writing article on your website and there should be of the same niche. You should try to get the information on same kind of topics which are also in demand and then you have to start writing on it.

Lists: This is another type of blog in which people will list down the best, worst or other similar kind of lists like they will get the ‘top 10 ways to transform your house’ or ’10 tips to get healthy routine’ etc. they will have the lists in that and when people will search about the alphabets or numeric then there are greater chances of getting in the search results. They are also amazing to get searches on different social media platforms because people are likely to search about it.

Info graphics: These are the charts in which the information or data is shown in the form of images. These have to make some sense and according to the topic you have chosen. You can create your own info graphics and it is better to create your own in order to avoid any penalty from Google. If you upload someone else’s work on your website without credits then you will not get ranked and your content will be marked as plagiarized. It will be very difficult for you to get earn after getting stricken by Google on the basis of your plagiarized web content.

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