The 4 types of storage space providers you should know about

The 4 types of storage space providers you should know about

Let’s take a look at the types of self storage Dubai services in order to better understand, and make sense of why they’re so beneficial. Here are the types of storage space providers you’re going to come across when looking for the best one:

  1. Public Warehouses

When looking for service providers, you are going to cross paths with public warehouses. In order to decide whether they are best for you, you must know what they are. Basically public warehouses are owned by the government. They are ideal for utilization by private sector companies. The main reason why they’re so beneficial and popular is because of their affordability. While they are affordable, you must keep in mind that often times they are not going to be equipped with the modern technology you need to keep track of your inventory,

  • Private Warehouses

It’s quite evident from the name of private houses, what they mean. Private warehouses, unlike public ones, are the property of wholesalers. The good news is that they are perfect if you’re an e-commerce business and are in need of a strategic location. On the downside however, they are much more expensive compared to a public warehouse. They can also help with personal storage units Dubai.

  • Bonded Warehouses

These are the most uncommon type of warehouses. They’re a place where one can store imported goods temporarily or until the firm decides to release them to buyers in the local area. That’s when you have to pay the custom fees. On the bright side, you can store restricted items for as long as you desire, or until the completion of the legal paperwork. Additionally, you don’t have to pay the custom fees unless your products are not bought.

  • Smart Warehouses

There’s a reason why they are referred to as ‘smart’ warehouses. These type of warehouses are the most advanced compared to the other three types. All the tasks including storage or fulfilment processes are carried out by Artificial Intelligence. This means there’s minimal chance of human error. However, there are certain limitations to technology. An example of this is the judgement process. AI cannot judge what’s appropriate, and when, like humans can. This is why they might not be a very good option.

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